Best 10 Online Backup Services

  1 SugarSync
  2 Livedrive
  3 SOS Backup
  4 Acronis Cloud
  5 iDrive
  6 Nextiva
  7 SafeCopy
  8 Dropbox
  9 Zipcloud
  10 Keepit

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SafeCopy Online Backup Service Review 2017

Rather than wait, backup online TODAY with SafeCopy.Safecopy backup is one of the leading online backup solution that enable you to use just one account to backup all your Mac and Windows computers . With safecopy , there are no limits on what devices you can backup . Safecopy will provide to you an unlimited storage space for you to backup all your computers , old laptops , kids computers , USB hard drives , Flash drives and more . Once you've backed up all your files and folders with SafeCopy , it will be easy for you to access your files from any anywhere using the SafeCopy web console . You can even search , browse or restore your data from any web browser with no software installation required . With your files that has been backed up with SafeCopy , you can invite your friends and co-workers to access a file or folder save in your online backup . You can manage all your files under My account tab of the SafeCopy web console . You can even enable options for your friends to upload new files and more .

SafeCopy online backup for the Home users

SafeCopy provides a generous amount of space to backup all your computers at home . You just need to pick which folders and files you need to backup and SafeCopy automatically backs them up and monitor any changes you make . Once you've backed up all your files and folders with SafeCopy , you can travel with confidence anywhere in the world knowing that you can always access and share your files from any computer , smartphone or iphone . Before your files are transferred to SafeCopy, they are encrypted using SSL 128-bit during transfer and are stored using military grade 448-bit encryption . This ensure that your files are always safe and secure . SafeCopy provide a good amount of online storage space at an affordable price . SafeCopy provide 200GB online backup space for just $50 per year . You can upgrade to 300GB and more if you want .

SafeCopy 3GB free online backup space .

SafeCopy is currently providing 3GB online backup space for anyone to trial their service . The 3GB free account is completely free so you don't need any credit card to register for this account . Once you've tested their service and it's ok , you can always upgrade to the full account anytime . To claim the 3GB free storage space , first you'll need to download and install the SafeCopy online backup software .

To install safecopy you just need to download the installer and run it. Follow the setup procedure and finally click finish to complete the installation . You will arrive at the screen below .

click the next button and select the free 3GB radio button if you want to try safecopy. you will have to insert an email address and a password before clicking next . You will arrive at the screen below .

Select My Documents incase you want to backup all your files or select single folder incase you want to backup just one folder or select the Custom radio button incase you want to backup some selected folders. For example incase you want to backup some selected folders you will have to select the custom radio button then browse to select thoses folders from your hard drive before clicking next . Once you click next the selected folders will automatically backed up .

File sharing

You can share large files you've backed up with friends and co-workers .To share any file just simply right click on the file and select "share" then enter an email address of the person you want to share the link with . For added security of shared files , links can be set to expire in 1 day , 1 week , 1 Month or no expiration date.

SafeCopy online backup for mobile devices .

you can access SafeCopy directly from your mobile device . If you have an iphone you just need to download and install the SafeCopy iphone app on your iphone . Once you've installed the iphone app , it will be possible to access all your files directly from your iphone and also be possible to share them with friends and co-workers .

SafeCopy customer service

Safecopy provide email support . Safecopy has a FAQS section that provide answers on how to use safecopy software . Safecopy also provide some video tutorials that fully explain on how to use their service .

SafeCopy online backup pricing

SafeCopy provides sufficient amount of space for you to backup all your computers even including external hard drives . SafeCopy backup plans together with their prices are shown below .

200GB Backup plan

500GB Backup plan

1000GB Backup plan

If you need more space you can always upgrade your account to more than 1000GB. Safecopy now offers setup assistance which is optionally . Safecopy will personally do the setup and training to a new customer at an additional cost of $30

Current promotions

Signup for SafeCopy Online Backup today and you could win Flowers for a Year.

SafeCopy 3GB free online Backup space .