Best 10 Online Backup Services

  1 SugarSync
  2 Livedrive
  3 SOS Backup
  4 Acronis Cloud
  5 iDrive
  6 Nextiva
  7 SafeCopy
  8 Dropbox
  9 Zipcloud
  10 Keepit

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Three methods to backup your computer data .

There are many of us making a living today using but the computer . Therefore computer data is very important to us and so if we lose our data , this can put an end to our business or can make us to cry forever . We can see that computer data are very important to us so we need to look for a way to protect them and keep them safe .

Even though computer has been known to be some how reliable these past few years , they still fail to function after a period of time . They may be infected by viruses , hard drive can fail and more . We have to make sure that we backup our data to some other place away from our computer . We need to constantly backup the data present on our computer . You need to backup your data at least once a week or once a day if you constantly add data to your computer .

There are various method that you can use to backup your data . One of the ways you can use to backup your data is by burning them directly to CD or DVD . Using this method , you must select the files and folders you want to backup or store . This method is only perfect if you want to backup or store very little data . It is known that 1 CD stores 700MB of data . So if you want to store 7GB of data then you'll need 10 CD's . Then to backup 49GB of data you'll need about 70 CD's . We can see that we need lots of CD's when we have lots of data to backup . Today lots of people are storing data on their computer ranging from about 100GB to about 700GB . To backup 100GB of data will require lot's of CD's . This can be very costly and time consuming . Backing up your data using CD or DVD is good only for those who have very small amount of data to backup .

The next method you can use to backup your data is with external hard drives . We have lots of external hard drives in the market today from different manufacturers . External hard drives can store lots of data ranging from about 500GB to 1000GB and even more . This is the method lots of individuals are using today . However external hard drives has their own disadvantages . Due to their very small sizes they can easily get missing . They can even be stolen . External hard drives also fail to function after a period of time . You can see that using an external hard drive makes your data not 100% safe .

The next method to protect your data is using online backup's . With online backup your data will be stored to the cloud . That is your data will be stored but in a remote server located in some other city or located in another country . This is the best method of data protection as your data is stored away from your home or office . With this method your data is 100% protected . There are many online backup companies or online backup services on the internet today that will assist you to backup all your data to the cloud .

To use an online backup company to store the data present on your computer is very easy . You just need to go to the backup company website and register with them . Once you've registered , you'll be provided with your online storage space that you'll use to backup all the data present on your computer . You just need to upload the data on your computer to your online storage space . With this method you can backup some specific files and folders if you want or you can backup your entire hard drive . You can backup all type of files such as text files , documents , ebooks , videos , music and more . The storage space provided is very amazing . You can backup 100GB , 500GB , 1000GB of data and even more . Once you've backed up all your data , you can view them anytime you want by just login into your online storage space using your password . You can even view your data from any other computer connected to the internet . Your data will be stored encrypted . That is your data will be stored in a form that no other person can read it except you .

However online backup's are generally not free . You have to pay a Monthly fee . However the amount is not much with about $3 per Month . Since your data are very important i strongly recommend that you should use an online backup service to store your data . Forget about the Monthly charge .

To conclude , whether your data is for your business or it's your personal data , please always make sure to keep your data safe . I have provided some backup methods above that you can use . If you don't have much data to backup then you can use CD or DVD . If you have much data to backup them you can use external hard drives but you'll need to think about the security of your data . The last and important method to backup your data is to use an online backup company or online backup service . In this case your data will be 100% protected and you'll not need to be afraid of natural disasters such as fire , flood , Hurricane , theft and more

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