Best 10 Online Backup Services

  1 SugarSync
  2 Livedrive
  3 SOS Backup
  4 Acronis Cloud
  5 iDrive
  6 Nextiva
  7 SafeCopy
  8 Dropbox
  9 Zipcloud
  10 Keepit

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How to backup your computer hard drive .

The hard drive is a section of the computer where all your files are stored . Excessive heat most often causes the hard drive to fail to function properly . With the hard drive not able to function , it will be very difficult for you to have access to your data . That is why it is very important that you backup all the data present on your computer to an external location so that incase of hard drive failure you can always have access to your data . We are going to look at the various ways you can use to backup all the data present on your computer externally .

The first method you can use to backup the data present on your computer is by using CDs and DVDs . This method is use mostly by individuals having their personal computers . With this method you must have a CD burner . The CD burner will enable you to copy the files on your computer to the CD . This method is only good if you want to backup only very small amount of data . Since a single CD can store 700MB of data , if you want to store about 7GB of data then you'll need 10 CDs . CDs are only good if you want to store some few files such as music files , pictures , a video file and more . It is not good if you have much files to backup . Since lots of people have much files to backup , most people don't use CDs anymore .

The second method to backup your computer hard drive is by using an external hard drive . External hard drives has become very popular these days . We now have an external hard drive having the size of an iphone and capable of storing 1TB of data . Many people are using this method to backup all their computer data . An external hard drive has a USB cable attached at one end that is been used to connect to the computer . To backup some files present on your computer , you'll first connect the external hard drive to your computer then select those files from your computer and transfer them to your external hard drive . Why most people prefer external hard drives is because of their large storage capacity . We have external hard drive capable of storing 320GB of data , some 500GB of data , some 1TB of data and more .

The third method of data backup is by using servers . This method is mostly been used by companies and businesses . With this method about 50 computers can be connected to two or more servers . These servers will be use for storing users informations, documents and other important information concerning the business . The server will be located in the central office .

Before going to the fourth method of data backup lets examine the security provided to your data using the first three method we have provided above . Using CDs and external hard drive your data will not be 100% secure . Due to the fact that you'll constantly be carrying your CDs and external hard drive with you , incase of fire , flood or hurricane in your area you'll lose your data . Excessive heat or some other factor can cause your external hard drive not to function anymore therefore making it difficult for you to have access to your data . CDs can be affected by viruses making it difficult to access the data stored in them . The servers located in the office can get stolen or can get damage as a result of fire in the office or some other factors . So you can see that all the three methods we have provided above are good method to backup your data but are not very secure . Using any of this method you have to take extra care to ensure that you don't lose your data . We are going to look at the fourth method of data backup and this method is considered to be the most secure method of data protection .

The fourth method to backup your computer hard drive is by using online backup . With online backup your data will be stored in a remote location away from your home or office . Your data will be stored in an encrypted format so that no person can read them or view them . This method of data protection is 100% secure and safe . It is the online backup company that will assist you to store all your data to their servers . The online backup company has their servers located in more than three different countries . Their servers are monitored 24 hours by human security . Your data will not only be stored but in a single server but in multiple servers . This is to ensure that incase a single server goes down you'll still have access to your data . You can see the security that is provided to your data . Lots of individuals and businesses has now shifted towards online backup as the method of data protection .

What actually makes online backup better than the other backup method is due to the fact that once your files are stored online you'll be able to access them from any other computer that is connected to the internet . The online backup company will provide to you a control panel that you'll just need to login to view all your stored files . So incase you were in USA and travelled to Japan , you'll just need to login to your control panel in any computer in Japan to view all your files that were stored online . From your control panel you can decide to share your files with friends and co-workers if you want .

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